Server Updates
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We've been making progress on improving the player experience on the server and have added some new features and tweaks. Some noteable changes that have been made thus far:


We've completely revamped our crates system. 

  • Daily and Weekly Vote Crates were merged into one singular Vote Crate. 
  • Added the Barren Crate
  • Added the Summer 2020 Crate
  • Completely revamped and improved the Vote Crate rewards.
  • Disabled announcement messages for crate rewards to reduce chat spam.


The server now has a jobs plugin. The available jobs are Hunter, Miner, Woodcutter, Digger, Farmer, Brewer, Fisherman and Enchanter. You can join up to two jobs by default. Engaging in "Valid Actions" for the job you choose will earn you a paycheck and level up your job level.

In-Game Ranks

An abundance of in-game ranks have been added that can be purchased with in-game currency. Each rank comes with a set of perks, some of which include vaults (/pv), extra homes, extra jobs, new commands and claim blocks. Ranks can be purchased by typing /ranks and clicking on the rank you wish to rank up to.


We've added coinflips! Type /cf to learn more on how you can gamble your hard earned money away to other players. Minimum bet is set at $1000 and any winnings over $10,000 will trigger a broadcast message so that everyone can see how much you've lost/won!

Other Changes

  • Reduced Peasant rank's homes from 5 to 1. Additional homes are rewarded in several in-game ranks.
  • Removed Peasant rank's ability to mine spawners, now requires Serf rank.
  • Removed mcMMO level cap on all skills.
  • Removed skip night plugin.
  • Added more rewards to the Vote Shop (/voteshop).
  • Increased vote rewards from 1 crate key per 5 votes to 1 crate key per vote.
  • Redesigned some chat based messages.
  • Redesigned and reformatted Tab List.
  • Changed Titan rank color from red to pink.
  • Spawners mined with silk touch now instantly go to your inventory.
  • Disabled the purchase of claim blocks.
  • Added earning claim blocks for playtime (60 per hour, max of 2500).

This is what we have accomplished thus far, we are far from done. Once more has been added, we will post another update. You can submit any suggestions here and any bugs can be reported here



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Awesome updates!

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